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Polaroid 600 Onestep Close-Up "Metalic Purple" Custom Painted

Polaroid 600 Onestep Close-Up "Metalic Purple" Custom Painted

$39.50 Regular Price
$35.55Sale Price

Polaroid 600 Onestep Close-Up "Metalic Purple" Custom Painted


Camera is first disassembled, cleaned, checked and tested. Body parts are then taken to the paint booth coated, cured, and then taken back to the paint booth and given a final seal coat. As with the normal custom paint jobs, these are often two part to five part paint jobs dependent on the particular color wished to be obtained and/or the paints being used, I do my best to seal them all in such a way as to seal them for lasting use. Meaning as not to rub away, chip or damage easily.


Side Note, many of the cameras i hunt down or have ran across still had their protective coverings on them, like in this listing; the "bubbled look on the lens/viewfinder plate is actualy a protective covering for you to remove once the camera has arrived and once you're ready to remove. It will look just like the day it came out of the factory most times because...well...they were never removed ;)I hope you enjoy!

Thank you,

Chris Ward


Camera has been cleaned, plastic treated and checked with film to assure accuracy and working order.

  • Fixed focus, f/19, 106mm lens.
  • Automatic variable speed/ aperture shutter system (speeds range from 1/200 to 1/3 of a second; apertures from f/19 to f/45).
  • Close-up switch for distances from 2ft - 4ft., and 4ft. to Infinity without.
  • Lighten and darken control for multiple lighting situations.
  • Silicon photo-diode photocell for automatic exposure control.
  • Flash cut off switch
  • Onboard flash unit
  • Nice compact design (for a box Polaroid).
  • Durable shell can withstand constant use.

All Refurbished cameras have been completely broken down, cleaned, checked, and reset to fully functioning condition through the use of original Polaroid service repair manuals.

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