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New look and dirrections for 2015/2016: Here we go!

Well it's been a long and trying road for me over the past year1/2 trying to get the website up and camera's finished. I've had some major ups and downs and I know some of you started to wonder if this day would ever come, somedays… did I. I kept holding on and pushing through mainly because of all of you who have hung in there and kept believing in me.

I truly can't thank you enough for all the faith in me, without you I don't think I would have made it this far and would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Your kind words and support both in words of support and financial backing throughout the years to help me reach this point have been amazing! I can't even begin to explain and express how much it meant and has helped us get through all the hardships my family and I have faced. Thank you so very much.

Well I'm hoping this new year will usher in a new age for the Instant Film enthusiasts with New55 on the rise, Impossible's new formulas, and yes…. even Fuji's integral directions and possible hopes of working with them to figure out how to keep our peel-a-part films rolling. It also appears that Kendar Chen("Rezivot") has possibly solved the Instax Wide issue on 4x5 and MUP/600SE formats with a motor driven design, very excited to see this hit the market! And possibly with this design in mind he or anybody interested could solve the Spectra/Image issue with the same type of design implementing. I have high hopes we shall see a lot of new work and solutions this year to come out to the market.

I'm also hoping the release of the #prototype900(EVO 900) and other designs, such as the new classic "The Byron", and "Rezivot's" two back replacement designs; will lift new standards and directions for conversions and what costumers come to expect from those of us in this field. There are a lot of new converters arising out there and many of them are heading in amazing directions and quality.

With the advent of all the new film options (Instax, Impossible, New55/Oneshot, and the ever re-growing LF formats)the options available are expanding as new ideas continue to hit the field and new ways of bringing those ideas to life. I'm hoping that we converters/pola folk can begin to work together to get more options out there available for the pro and novice shooter alike, with a high standard of quality and integrity.

As for the shop, as many of you already know my direction will be changing slightly. I will be diverting much of my time and focus on the #prototype900 project as well as a few other projects I've put on the back burner for far too long. I also have many ideas concerning the #prototype900, and accessories for it as well as a few back designs for 4x5 formats that we currently have no true solutions for yet. And I'm hoping with the release of all this I can finally run a few of these ideas across some people in positions to possibly make it all happen. Exciting indeed! I will still try to put out custom works as time allows and am hoping to incorporate a steady stream of custom cameras out of the shop on a more regular basis like I used to but I can't guarantee this at the moment yet it is the end game goal. Fingers crossed.

The website will under-go updates throughout the coming year as I get a better feel for what is needed. A members only page will be installed for owners of the EVO 900 were we can discus solutions, ideas and updates as well as some of the many directions I intend on taking it and it's various models/versions ahead. Some have asked if i'll continue to put out "normal" pack conversions, and well i'm not sure really. With the loss of 3000b and the possibility of 100c seeing the same demise unless the ebay trend of constant expired film lot buying turns into ordering from a fresh supplier, don't get me wrong; I too like shooting old Polaroid films but the prices have gotten out of control as well as the prices for fresh 100c, but we all have the power to change this....all Fuji needs to see is numbers! Truth is no matter what we do Fuji's FP-100c may end up on the chopping block as well and therefor making the normal pack film conversion a thing of the past just like the auto pack cameras are currently becoming(although I'm seeing a lot of hope there as well with conversion designs, so don't give up on them quit yet). However, I do plan on offering a few here and there as well as putting out the new 4x5 version of every model (95a/b, 150/800, 110a/b and even a normal 900 now and then). I feel that no matter what happens to pack film there will remain other options to use your converted 4x5 version for a very long time to come.

I'm hoping to get a few video's up soon to show the EVO 900's functions, and of it being in use on a shoot to show its ease of use and portability. I need to either get some new video gear or find a local wanting to help me get these videos done in the fashion and look I wish to have produced before I move ahead with those. I might just put out a few instructional and public "how it works" videos in the mean time if it starts taking to long to get the more professional looking videos done.

So I'm hoping for a lot of fun things to come, and I'll do my best to keep on top of it all and keep it all moving forward as fast as I can. Thank you all for your support, and may this new year be an amazing one for all of us!

Happy New Year, hears to 2016!! Cheers!!!

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