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Polaroid "Misty Blue" SX-70 Sonar

Polaroid "Misty Blue" SX-70 Sonar

$365.00 Regular Price
$354.05Sale Price

                                     The Polaroid “Misty Blue” SX-70 Sonar


This beauty has been repainted and re-skinned with the Misty blue and black leatherette for a truly unique look, second of its kind, one to truly stand out of the crowd! The camera as usual has been broken down, parts cleaned, adjusted and reassembled with care. Rollers are clean and camera has been film tested to ensure working order. (Or at least to get to play with it before it goes, haha).

Automatic aperture settings from f/8 to f/22.
114mm lens
Lighten and darken controls for most lighting situations.
Flash mount for Flashbar 10 flash array(one included or electronic flash units such as original Pola flash units or the new Mint Flash bar as well).
Collapsible design for easy storage and carry.
SLR view type with split image focusing for sharp crisp images.
Compatible with Integral 100iso film and with use of ND film pack filters 600iso film from “The Impossible Project/Polaroid Originals” and Original expired Polaroid films.
Production years 1974-1977 and now updated and refurbished for the 2019 film explosion!
All Refurbished cameras have been completely broken down, cleaned, checked, and reset to fully functioning condition through the use of original Polaroid service repair manuals.
  • 14 Day Return Policy

    While I have always had a 14 day return policy, as many of you know that doesn't mean that after the 14 days have expired that you're on your own. The 14 day policy is for my protection but i have always provided support for as long as a year or even more depending on circumstances. You can trust that you are in good hands.

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