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As the camera build becomes available for regular sells the options page here will become customizable with detailed choices for woods, leathers, and grip colors. But for now this will help give you an idea of your choices and look you can achieve. Stay tuned for more to come!



So the grips, as somebody who deals with these styles of cameras on a daily basis, I highly recommend upgrading to a Herringbone style grip. Why? These style of grips help your hand “lock in” to the cameras and keeps slippage of the beastly weight from dropping to the floor. It’s three times more comforting to hold and balance while in focus and makes you feel much more confident and safe while in use, and it looks sexy too. I will supply the original if that is the desired look and feel you wish, but like I said before I highly recommend the upgrade. I will sell them with the upgraded grip but I’d like to leave the options open for your desired colors and styles. Some of the grips shown here are “seasonal” or available only some of the time, however, when they become available I’ll do my best to work with you to get the one you really like. Note: please see the neck straps as well as it is another recommendation I speak highly of due to the added security to your product.


Another Note: Don't mind the photos of the digital cameras being in there, I'll update these once I have more stock on hand with pics of them mounted to the EVO.

SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5
SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5


I’d like to offer option of specific woods to certain parts down the way of which you would prefer. But to start out I’ll be sticking with the woods I’ve found are strong enough to stand the test of use. I’ll also offer brass or aluminum lens plates, and will offer them in the shop with multiple shutter sizes to order so that you’re not stuck with just what I’ve sent you or trying to make your own to the precise measurements to fit.


I will also be considering using aluminum parts if that request is high enough, the issues concerning metals are of course the weight, and the machinery needs. I’ve spent a lot of time finding woods that can be purchased in proper thicknesses, strength, and cost as low as possible while also keeping the weight down. Once I’ve been able to purchase a couple of larger machines and the place to put them I will test more substances (woods) that only come in larger blocks until then I’ll stick with what I have already spent a large amount of time studying and perfecting as well as keeping cost down in order to pass of to you the customer.




Now as far as leathers go I’m willing to work with you on whatever type, real or faux, colors, grains, you name it. But I only keep so much on stock to offer as a part of the custom. If per say you’re looking to have an exclusive Italian sheep skin with custom patterns, well… this expense will have to be passed off to you. I know to some that makes perfect sense, but I’ve had issues in the past with why I’d charge extra for such. Simple, I hunt down very nice leathers and faux leathers at a very low cost to me, that savings I get to pass off. But say the Italian custom leather, well that can run to over a $100 extra dollars of which (as much as I’d like to, I’m not that wealthy) I’m not too willing to fork out unless the job is super important to me on the quality in which I’m presenting. So if you’re willing to work with me on this I will get you anything your heart desires to skin on this beauty, at least until I have a larger stock of leathers that are in more of a high demand. When the time comes I'll post options of the stock I'lI have.




While I May not supply straps at first I do however, highly recommend keeping one on it with a quick release option. These are not exactly light cameras and when they take a tumble it can result in more then just a scrape or two. I once dropped mine and it busted off the whole front where the latch and shutter button are and had to build a whole new body for it. So I highly recommend keeping a strap on it while using it in studio, field situations, save yourself the grief of an accidental drop. Combined with the wide Herringbone style grip I haven’t dropped it since and you won’t either, haha. Be safe, just do it!


Bellows Colors!


Ok, were do I start to try and explain my joy and overall frustrations concerning the bellows. While I've tried my hand at building them myself I apparently am not so good with origami as I wish I was…so…. I have to have somebody build them for me instead. Now that brings in the frustrating parts. It took many try's back and forth with builders to finally nail a design that works, I had to redesign parts to make it easier on both of us but I feel satisfied with the current build to finally move forward. Now, I'd like to offer more colors then the current two colors I can order from them, but for the moment it seems I'm stuck to Black and Red. Now I'm highly aware that there are other creators out there that have found an outer layer of multiple colors that are available to be used. Some refer to it as "Italian Silk" others refer to it as "Japanese Silk (or snake belly)" so I know it's available to be used, especially since the current sets I have are made of this material. So while I may not be able to offer more colors as of yet I'm confident that with working with them I'll be able to offer more than just these two selections. So hang in there and cross your fingers with me for this issue to be resolved or for an amazing bellows builder to come along (hint, hint) that wants to take over the account and offer us as many colors as our little hearts desire.

Note: For the Straps and grips I have been on the lookout for a hand crafted suppliers willing to take on the account and produce the looks and style I’m looking for. I’ll keep you all posted on this progress as well if it happens in the “Newsletter” section of the site. Please sign up if you wish to know as soon as these updates happen. Thanks again for your patience as the shop goes through its changes and over all directions.

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