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SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5
SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5
SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5


I’m hard at work preparing the first release of the first retail EVO 900. I know you all are anxious to know how much the cost will be and how to buy and customize your order, but for one but I’ve decided to put the first up for auction. I’m doing this due to the long line of people that have contacted me throughout the years on signing up for one, and due to the many people around the world who have asked to be signed up I just don’t have production volume yet to accommodate for the amount needed to fill these orders. So here’s my plan, I’ll put the first up for auction and announce on all social formats as well as in the newsletter as soon as that goes live. This will help me raise funds for the next few as well as seeing a local company about producing a few “time consuming” parts to speed up the production of being able to fulfill as many orders as possible while also being able to keep the price down.


 This is also one of the reasons the first one will go to auction on eBay as to determine a demand price. I’ve logged in far more hours into this project then I have counted, haha; so putting a price on that time is hard for me. This doesn’t account for the tools needed to produce this with precise specifications that I’d feel comfortable sending out of the shop even if some of the parts are a work in progress. I also have high hopes these tiny issues with those parts will be solved as soon as I can sit with a few folks and designers with more machining knowledge than I currently possess. My final and ultimate design would be done already if I knew exactly how to machine these parts.


And as long as my health and current medical conditions stays positive there will be more to come (even a possible 8x10 attachment with a extendable rail system). Fingers crossed. So in short, this is my way to raise funds to continue on with this project and future designs for it. I’m in need of a new slightly larger Mill, as well as the equipment to run a secondary CNC programing on the mill which requires a few other outboard computer control boards, motors/hardware and they're not cheap. Hence, using an outside source for manufacturing parts until I can afford this equipment to build them myself with computer assistance. Doing it all by hand even while using a hand crank mill has proven to be too much on me and is the reason why it took so long to get to this point, so please bear with me as I work these issues out. It will be all worth it in the end.


Also this page will update to a custom order page as soon as the time comes with all the options and menus to do so, best way again to stay updated with all this is to sign up for the newsletter (this will directly send info to your email when something new is posted up) as this will be where all this info will become available as it happens, as well as Facebook and Instagram for social networking, so sign up, like and follow to your hearts content and thank you all for your patience and support.


We’re here, woohoo!


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