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4x5 Universal Back Design

SecondShot Cameras| Polaroid Conversions| Oregon, Polaroid Evo 900 4x5
Universal 4x5 and Slim line Design

The back has been designed to mimic the original slim rear of the body, no protruding springs, latches, knobs or anything to catch on clothes or poke into your hip/back(my injury gave me super sensitive skin back there so I saw this as a major point to the build). This design also brings down the wieght since there in no extra bulk, i've also stuck to trying to make these pieces out of hardwoods to also keep more wieght off but the infinity plate may end up made out of metal due to needing precise measurement on the flat plane (we shall see what a larger mill may bring into the final product). The GG focusing back can be removed to accommodate for backs such as 120 or 70mm film holders without restriction. The back is run on a spring-back-like system allowing for multiple back solutions without the need for modification the backs themselves. Just slide them in and you’re ready to go. Grafmatic, 120 roll film holders up to 6x12 pano’s, 70mm roll backs,  pack film 3x4 or 4x5, single sheet holders in both cut film and instant single sheets as well as ready loads, glass plate holders…… basically whatever your heart desires… just mount it!


Part of my ideas on the back design was to try and keep as much of the original curvature and look as possible along with a slim line mount and ground glass viewer. I didn’t want the normal obstruction in front of the rangefinder viewing either, this proved to be a major obstacle to overcome. There are still a few bugs I’m working out with it being as smooth as possible but I’m confident I’ll have those issues resolved in no time. There is, however, a final design stuck in my head waiting for the proper tooling and skill set to impliment this design. It will still be along the same design, but will allow for furthur back travel to accomidate for thicker film backs without the removal of the Ground Glass Plate unless needed for special backs that would damage the glass(some 120 backs for instance). The GG plate can be easilly removed and lock into place as well with a built in latching system giving a wider range of options for film backs to use, hence the "Universal Design". Unlike the more common Graflex/Graphlock design that only allows for a set type of backs this design allows you to get around those limitations by removal of the GG plate and using only the spring loaded mounts giving accommodations to backs of all types, shapes and sizes. Unfortunatly, for those of you who use Polaroid 600/SX-70 there is currently no way to mount a CB-72 type holder, but fear not i am working on and with others to solve this problem as well.

GG hoods/Linhof Fit


Each Ground Glass focusing plate has been machined to fit an Linhof original, replacement or aftermarket hood, 90 degree, binocular hood, etc.. The back (GG Plate) is supplied with post clips for easy swing of the hood for loupe viewing with ball head close pin (unfortunately this is one of those updates to my personal camera that has not made it onto it yet, please bear with me as I finish the new one and post those picture as they come). The Ground Glass slot will accommodate up to Toyo sized drop ins but will be supplied with Soda-Lime glass and is a fine grained bright diffusion, I will also specially grid the glass for 120 film roll holders-6x7 up to 6x12, 3x4 instant packs, and center scaled for 4x5 with color coded grid for $20 extra (clipped corners or not) as is a fairly time consuming process (more than I thought it would be) as well as the specialized pens and templates in order to do so. I will also special order whatever drop-in glass you might desire (Fresnel, intenscreen, borosilcate, etc.) for the cost of it to be ordered and sent. Your choice!

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